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LEED certifications 2023 (Germany)

GGBA & GBCI Europe at Building Green Hamburg 2023


How do we create cities that benefit people and the planet? We are in the middle of a current climate and nature crisis, and the construction industry carries a huge part of the responsibility.

Our cities have the potential of becoming a viral part of the solution, and therefore it is crucial that we don’t continue ‘business as usual’ when we plan and develop the cities of the future. We have the necessary knowledge on what the planet needs, and we know human’s physical, social, and mental needs as well. It is important that we consider how to combine these needs when we develop urban cities, renovate, and construct new buildings. Therefore, Building Green Hamburg is focusing on how we can transform our cities to benefit people and planet.

At Building Green Hamburg 6-7 June 2023, you will learn which role cities can play to make a difference. You will be inspired by both German and international speakers with great insight into urban planning and knowledge on more sustainable solutions for the construction industry.

The GGBA Board of Directors and the Management of GBCI Europe look forward to welcoming you at Building Green in Hamburg.

LEED – the current figures …

In Germany, 516 LEED certificates have currently been awarded. This puts Germany in third place in Europe and 10th place in a global comparison.

Partitioning by system variant (pcs.)

  • BDC        352 (approx. 68%)
  • IDC           60 (approx. 12%)
  • OM         102 (approx. 20%)
  • Homes        1 (approx.   0%)

Partitioning by certification level (pcs.)

  • Platinum      82 (approx. 16%)
  • Gold            350 (approx. 68%)
  • Certified       33 (approx.    6%)
  • Silver             51 (approx. 10%)

In the city ranking, Frankfurt leads (105) followed by Munich (83) and Berlin (62).


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LEED and EU-Taxonomy

Join our panel of experts next week, on Tuesday, 8 February, for an interactive discussion! On 25 January, USGBC and GBCI Europe published “LEED and the EU Taxonomy”, a white paper discussing how LEED aligns with the European classification framework. Download the white paper from the link below and join our discussion. Webinar: “LEED and […]

LEED in Motion: Health – new Report published

New publication “LEED in Motion: Health.”

LEED in Motion: Health examines how the LEED rating system is being used to transform the built environment in ways that contribute greatly to the health and well-being of people and the planet.

The document is available for download here:

LEED and EU-Taxonomy-webinar – Save-the-date!

Save the date!

A webinar will be held on “LEED and EU Taxonomy” on February 9, 2022 at 2pm.

Invitations and further information will follow soon.

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